Sunday, June 29, 2008

Finally, a new posting!!!

Hello all! This is going to be a quick post and will consist mainly of pictures. We are all doing well. Summer is here and with it many hot and humid days. I once again promise to try to do better but as you can see by the date of my last blog I am not holding my breath. :)

JT had surgery this past spring to remove his tonsils, adnoids and put ear tubes in and I cannot tell you how much better he is already!! There are times when I have to actually put my ear to his little mouth to make sure he is breathing he is so quiet. I used to be able to hear him all the way across the house. Amazing!! He is growing up so fast and I am trying to hold him all I can.

He is still crazy about trains and now we usually have a battle every night. He builds these extravagant train tracks during the day and wants to leave them up for days at a time. He is actually not interested in playing with the trains on the tracks at all, merely building the tracks! Maybe he's going to be an engineer? He still loves music though and puts on daily concerts as well!
I hope all of you have a Great summer and I will try to do better about updating this thing