Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall Festival at Pre-K!

JT and his best friend Austin!!
This is JT hamming it up for the cameras before the corn eating contest!
(now, before I get a ton of phone calls concerning the corn on his plate I must inform you
that as soon as he realized he was actually going to have to EAT the corn he immediately got up
from his chair and refused to sit back down. . . . . is that MY son or what?!?! haha)
JT with some fellow students and his two teachers
Mrs. Dominique (the lion) and Mrs. Miley (the Cat)

Jonathan and some of his classmates getting ready to perform the infamous

Disney on Ice!

Alright, he doesnt' know exactly what he's about to see but he's excited!!!!
(check out the Tinkerbell spinning toy he picked out as a souvenir . . . )

JT and Grammy have Disney stuff and are ready to go see some skating!

C'mon now, how much better can this get for a 4 year old!?!? How awesome were our seats!

Go Tinkerbell Go!!!!!!!!
(it's like he's at a rock concert and he's holding up a lighter. . . ) hahaha

Awww . . . can you tell he's my child???? haha

Lightning McQueen rocks!!! (and apparently he skates as well . . . )
The Grand Finale was Fairyland Springtime

and this is what happened in the carseat on the way home. . . .

Pumpkin Carving Mania!

He is starting out with such determination!
(just keep in mind that his MOMMY had to scoop all of the guts out because that was the gross part and he refused to get his hands yucky!!)
Now he has a plan of attack as to what his pumpkin is going to look like

He started to make some of the women nervous with his knife wielding and they decided he needed some supervision (his MOM was too busy taking pictures to worry about things like fingers being cut off I mean C'mon now!!)
Finally we have the finished pumpkin (I mean Jack'o'lantern)
With two victorious carvers smiling with pride!
(notice that there are two different women in these pictures)
he is already good at conning women into doing the tough jobs for him :)

Thank you Mrs. Ellie and Ms. Margaret for a superb job of helping bring our pumpkin to life!

The One Man Band!!!

Just in case you're wondering, Yes, he is playing his guitar like a cello.
Also, that is a harmonica in his mouth in case you cannot make it out!! :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

At Last . . . the TROPHY is here!!!

Well, he started out in full Beckham mode complete with the "cool" leg curl ball throw!
Then about halfway through the game he started losing interest. Doesn't that face just scream "I'm over this soccer stuff, bring on the stinkin' trophy already"?!?!

Here we have pizza and AHA, see what's on the table behind us . . .

EUREKA!!! We now have accomplished what we have worked 8 weeks for! (a little metal man on top of a small wooden box) I am happiest about that HUGE smile, how awesome is that?!?!
I'm getting ready for the college sporting offers to start rolling in . . . . am I getting a little too ahead of myself?? isn't 4 year old soccer where Beckham started out??

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Darth Vader!!!

At last, I found a picture of the menacing Darth Vader!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Southern Tree Plantation

Ahhh . . . my main little man surrounded by Fall Harvest stuff for sale. Is anything sweeter???

Fish anyone???

Nothing better than a good hayride with his Aunt Troye!

Unless it's sitting waiting for a ponyride with his Grandpapapapa!!!

And here is the long awaited for Pony ride!

Hey Uncle Chris, how the heck do we get out of this crazy maze???
Mr. Daniel the Scarecrow man, seen a yellow brick road lately???

If you can't "pick" them up, JT found years ago that you can "roll" them up!

Ahhh. . . two cousins!

Hey, where's this tractor headin? Can we help??????

Burt's Pumpkin Patch

Just two wild and crazy kids . . .

Holy Loads of Pumpkins!

Anyone need a field plowed???
Like I've said before, a boy and his Grammy . . . ahhh, the love!!
Those two big smiles are from Aunt Andrea and Uncle Kes!

What do you think they're wishing for??????

Two girls in hot pink! :)

Who are those three handsome young gentlemen???

They must be pondering how to get out of this 'sea' of pumpkins!!!

Our First Costume Party!

I had to start our Costume Party pictures off with this one. Nobody at the party could convince Jonathan that the little doohicky on the guitar wasn't a microphone. He was convinced he was singing to the masses! :)
Okay, I'm a bad Mom. I don't have a single picture of JT in full Darth Vader Costume.
Go ahead and yell at me the next time you talk with me, I fully expect it!!!!

I do have this one with me wearing his mask!!!

This is my main little man sporting his trophy for awesome costume!

Preston, Kim and myself being 'halloweeny'

JT and Lexi being silly! (notice the 'mummy' being made in the background.)

Guitar Hero and JT drumming out man!!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sparkle, Sparkle!!!!

Can you tell . . .

He is very serious . . .

about oral hygiene????!!!

(please also note that he is using MY toothbrush because he says it gets his teeth cleaner!!)