Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The "Thrilling" Carpet Ride!

JT Rollerskating!

JT went roller skating for the first time last weekend and he had a blast! Now he is begging for a pair of roller skates that have wheels that light up on them. I told him he had to be able to do more than just "skate-run" on the carpet first and then we'll talk! (of course I can stretch that talk out for a couple of years so who knows what he'll want by then!!)

Not up on his feet yet but has developed a flair for falling!
Now he's a little steadier standing on the carpet. . .
Why does that song "Slip slidin' away, slip slidin' away" keep running through my head?!
He was actually letting me help for about 2 seconds?!?! Holy Cowly!
And down he goes again. . . .

After about an hour of frustration he decided he would take a break and play some games!

What is foosball anyway if it's not played on rollerskates!?!? I mean c'mon. . . .