Monday, July 28, 2008

American Adventures!!!!!!

We went to American Adventures today and had a blast. The group consisted of Kes and his trio (Hayden, Harrison and Helen), myself and JT.

There was plenty to do for everyone to do but Hayden and Harrison's favorites were the go-karts by far!!

I don't know who won officially but after about 50 times around the track I'm pretty sure Kes was ready to get off!

As you can probably guess, JT and Helen were "American Adventure Buddies". They stayed together pretty much the entire time and rode almost every ride together. They were tearin' up Cobb Parkway on their 'rice burners'!! hahahaha

Harrison was trying to take it easy in the shade during some down time and I caught him! Maybe he was perfecting his job skills and was scoping out the possibility of a new line of employment for next summer? He will be 6 you know, about time to get out there and start making a living for himself don't ya think???

At the end of the day JT and Helen were ready to set sail for the caribbean and try their hands at being pirates! I wonder what they will try to pillage, plunder and steal? Animal crackers????

Lake water!! Yuck!

Nothing like wallowing in gallons upon gallons of lake water. (Otherwise known by the less popular latin as fishpoopius, turtlepoopius, snakepoopius, duckpoopius, goospoopius, etc. . . . )

Other than that we had a great time at our church picnic up at Lake Allatoona!

The Incredible "Headless" Hero!

Okay, I know I saw that head around here somewhere. Did it go down here?????

Okay, now everyone has heard of the normal super heroes like Batman and Spiderman, but has anyone ever heard of the lesser known "We only need our underwear on" heroes?? Apparently they are all the rage up in Hoschton and we saw the evidence much in abundance a couple of weeks ago. For some reason these heroes dress up in their underwear and attack invisible dinosaurs such as the fierce T-Rex! (somebody has to defend the house from attacking monsters who have been extinct for like say a million years or so????!!!)

Watch out Julliard, here they come!

These are pictures of a playdate we had with some friends of ours who have two children slightly older than Jonathan. He and their son (Eddie) put on a lovely concert for us consisting of many colorful and very well staged musical numbers!! The only instruments they had were their hands, feet, two maracas and a very large microphone. Let me tell you it was a toe tapping event.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

4th of July!!!!

For the 2nd year in a row we went to the Marietta 4th of July parade.

Grammy found us an excellent spot on the wall between the National cemetery and the street. We had an excellent view of the entire parade. JT especially enjoyed the firetrucks and the soldiers.

He also informed me that he really wants to start taking clogging lessons?!?!

Once evening came around we joined the rest of our church family at Acworth Beach Park for music, food, play and fireworks. JT experienced his first sparkler. Notice the look of absolute joy on his face. This was quickly followed by lots of frowns as the police man came barreling over to tell us we weren't allowed to light sparklers in the area. I assume this is because they were about to set off $1000's of dollars of highly flamable pyrotechincs about 100 yards away and didn't want the program to be anticlimactic??? haha

Anyway, we had a great 4th and hope you and yours did as well!!!

(Notice we actually were able to fire off many sparklers before being caught!!)