Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast!!

Fun was had by all at our annual Thanksgiving Feast!!!
Of course much of the action happened outside in the driveway and garage
(that's where most of the toys are located) :)

We even provided our very own grumpy bear!!!

We actually attempted to take a family photo. I think this was the best of the lot . . .

Of course didn't the original Pilgrims invite Spiderman and Skeletor along for some turkey???

I think he was trying to say McDonald's but was too stuffed to get it out!

Needless to say a good time was had by all! Until next year . . . .

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Halloween 2008!

Hi all! Well, another Halloween has come and gone and once again a fun time was had by all!
Lexi and Jonathan were able to go trick or treating together again. I think they made a smashing couple!!
Grammy had to come and witness the fierce 'Clone Tropper' we had at our house!
Aunt Jenny was here from Wisconsin and came over for pizza and festivities!
Papa even got into the spirit when he allowed the Auburn 'Rocker' wig to be put on him . . .
Ms. Libby even made him stand still while she decorated him up as
'Sheet man clone tropper with an attitude'!!!!!!
We ran into one of his 'best friends' Emily from Pre-K
They were so excited it was like they hadn't seen each other in years!!
We ended the night at the Fall Festival Fair at Mt. Paran Church
(yes, that's me with the dark wig!)
Of course they had a stage with Praise & Worship music playing
so JT had to get up there to dance and sing!!!
The evening ended with two tired children and some VERY tired adults
All with big smiles and full buckets of candy!!!! :)